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A Quick Run-Through on BTC

BTC doesn’t exist physically but this should not be confused with the btc paper wallet just because it can be printed. In order to get bitcoin, a prospect user or owner has to buy them in bitcoin exchanges.

Among the methods accepted of buying are the usual credit cards, bank transfers, bank checks, or it can also be mined through the resolution of algorithms which circulates bitcoin.

Its key strengths are its decentralization and transparency, which is attributed to ‘Blockchain’ technology. There is no monopoly involved and ledgers are always accessible and updated in real time, as is with zero manipulation.

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Bitcoin Wallet Types

Once users acquire their bitcoins, these are then stored in wallets. It comes in five types, namely: hardware, paper, desktop, mobile, and web storage.

Each comes with its pros and cons and it really is up to a bitcoin owner’s preference. However, the most secured were those stored with no connection to the internet or any network.

And like most currencies, it is used to trade and exchange for products and services. Hence, it is no surprise that the gambling world has caught up with this technology.

Other than the usual bitcoin gambling offers, free BTC casinos have started to increase in numbers and began to gain traction.

Getting Started with Free BTC Casinos

Though free btc casino gambling still hasn’t been officially accepted as legal in general, there are countries who have started to grant licenses, as they realize the potential of these free btc casino as a money maker for their territories.

Countries Where Free BTC Casino Operations Are Legal

Costa Rica, Curacao, Gibraltar, and Malta were among the few countries to spearhead legalization of online gambling and free btc casino operations.

Licensed Bitcoin Casinos

They’ve set up or tasked a regulating body in their territories to issue these licenses. These licenses come with a price and were even reported to possibly reach $25,000.

However, the majority of other nations such as China, the USA, and Russia don’t have any bearing on free btc casino operations nor online gambling in general. One thing is also sure: nothing will impede the growth bitcoin casinos.

Plunging into the world of FREE BTC Casinos

Though most countries still make it difficult for bitcoin transactions to be processed not all credit card providers or banks allow deposits for these free btc casinos.

However, do not lose hope as there are other easy ways to make a deposit to play at free btc casinos. There are workarounds offered once you sign up in any free BTC casino platform.

Remain Anonymous

Aligned with its principle of anonymity, ‘No Registration’ options have been offered by most free btc casinos. Others may question the full anonymity aspect of this, as most still would require at least an e-mail for recovery purposes. This isn’t unusual.

Be wary, however, if recovery options aren’t even offered. This is a possible red flag for possible scammers which may pretend as a legit free btc casino operator. The absence of recovery options is equivalent to handing over your free bitcoin to these casino platforms willingly.

This also allows for quick, smooth and instant engagement for free btc casino enthusiasts. Signing up has been made seamless by most of these free btc casino developers; hence, a site or platform’s survival boils down to the user’s experience.

Friendly Navigation

An awesome free btc casino website shouldn’t make online gambling appear like a puzzle for its patrons. High-definition graphics may look nice; however, what is more important is a free btc casino site’s interface.

These flashy graphics may do more harm than good. As long as it won’t affect the loading speed of an online casino’s page, this is considered a plus.

Game Options Abound

These developers will make sure their free btc casino patrons won’t run out of games and sports to choose or bet on.

The usual casino favorites are available such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and even slot machines. All of these games are played LIVE for transparency purposes and to prevent doubts of manipulation.

Unlimited Bonuses and Spins!

Bonuses have become a staple for most free btc casinos. Take note that though there could be websites which offer free btc casino deposits, the usual practice is that a bonus will only be available to a player after a deposit has been made.

Varying bonuses, free slot machine turn, and spins are often offered on top of an online casino’s enticing offers. They need to entice newbies and keep existing clients playing in order to stay in business. Hence, be assured these bonuses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Deposit and Withdrawals at FREE BTC Casino Sites

Deposit and withdrawals have been made smooth by most of these bitcoin gambling developers. They are careful to make every process for their process uncomplicated to prevent discouragement from players to join them, most especially for newbies.

Some free btc casinos have even gone great lengths of integrating bitcoin purchases into their sign-up and deposit process. This means they’ve made their bitcoin casino as a one-stop platform. Upon signing up, all their players need to do is to have a credit card or any online payment method ready, such as PayPal, and they are good to play almost instantly.

However, bitcoin gamblers have to take note that withdrawal amounts usually have a ceiling with the standard to be seen at $5,000. Hence, it has been a standard practice to withdraw in staggering amounts.

Helpdesk for FREE BTC Casino Players

An excellent bitcoin gambling platform should have a helpline that is easy to contact and quick to reply to their players pressing concerns. Because of the amount of money involved, any concern becomes an urgent matter.

Thus; hotlines, helpdesk and onsite chat are the usual channels designed for these online casino operators to ensure their client’s needs would be attended to immediately, with zero hassle for their patrons.

In lieu of a helpdesk or client support service on a website, consider this a red flag: It is unlikely for a legit bitcoin casino operator to have not put one in this place. Should you encounter this, the website may be a scam.

Final Thoughts

An awesome free btc casino should have an easy-to-understand user interface (UI) or should be easy for its players to engage in. The goal is to make their free btc casino experience a smooth one.

Bonuses often become the tie-breaker in times of a really tough decision. The enticing offers aren’t far from different among their competitors which makes the selection tough.

There aren’t straight-forward FREE bitcoin casino offers. Hence, don’t expect to get a free bitcoin by simply signing up. Though there are those who do these to set them apart from the stiff competition, those free bitcoins won’t even be enough to meet their minimum wager.

It is still a business and in bitcoin gambling, there are stakes at hand and one will shell out money in the end.

These guidelines should pave the way for free btc casino newbies in choosing which bitcoin gambling site to engage in. Now go and have your bitcoin wager ready!

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Claim hundreds of Free Spins & 35%
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Claim hundreds of Free Spins & 35%
deposit Bonus at Unibet Casino

Beginner’s guide to playing casino online

The option to play your favourite games online is now more extensive than ever before. There’s an endless list of online casinos as we’re sure you’ve noticed. Knowing which casino offers what you are looking for through bonuses, game variety and betting options can you help get the most out of your online experience.


With people’s lack of time in today’s rat race the option of playing where and when suits you is not so much seen as a luxury, but a must-have. Online casinos allow you to choose when, what and where you play offering more freedom than a regular casino, and in some cases the option of what to play is phenomenal. The range of online slots, table games and live dealer games, such as live blackjack, to play is growing daily.


Knowing there are so many options available to us can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Check out our top picks in your chosen category and you’ll find platform that suits your personality, game choice and funding options – including Paypal, Trustly and Webmoney for quick & secure transactions.


Nearly all casinos offer tools and options to help you control your gaming helping to ensure you are more relaxed and at ease whilst sat at the slot machine or card table. Taking advantage of the deposit limit and weekly allowance options is advisable when you first start out, keeping your online casino experience about fun and excitement. Also try ‘pay by phone bill’ deposit method – usually subject to a £30 daily limit.

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